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Started as a community health and development project, this organisation expanded to include a 150-bed hospital, and now has training and research departments. A holistic health approach seeks spiritual, physical, social and emotional transformation. The hospital has a very busy paediatric department, with over 3600 deliveries per year, and a busy outpatient and inpatient unit for general paediatrics, as well as an inpatient and outpatient unit for disabled children. They are looking for a second paediatrician or senior trainee to support its existing long-term consultant in ensuring quality service for the rural poor and helping give clinical leadership to a team of 2 senior and 4-5 junior national doctors Doctors are needed who are prepared to meet clinical needs as they arise, as well as contribute to training. Those with research interests will find opportunity to work on existing projects.
Initially Posted: 05/28/2011
Last Updated: 08/09/2018

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