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A Church/Mission school with 170 students (Nursery to Class 10) has the vision to provide a good quality education to lower-income families in a caring Christian environment, making the most of an 'open door' in a sensitive location. A head teacher is needed to consolidate recommended changes and to help with continued development of the school towards realizing its overall vision. The teachers need encouragement to enhance their skills, and someone who can direct them as a team, recognizing and utilizing their various gifts. The school has begun to extend to Class 9 and 10 so this section will require particular input. Mentoring and training a potential national head teacher could also be an integral part of the role. The ideal person for the role has a passion for education and shares the vision for what can be achieved by a Christian school in this setting. He/she is an experienced teacher who has had some resonsibility in management or training.
Initially Posted: 11/29/2012
Last Updated: 08/31/2017

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