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This 75-bed hospital serves the tribal people of the region. It has good operating rooms, and is supported by laboratory, pharmacy, x-ray and ultrasound facilities and has physiotherapy and mother/child healthcare departments. The hospital uses QuickBooks to maintain its accounts. The accountant would supervise improvements to the system, train our accounts staff, and recommend changes which would better provide management with the information it needs to run the hospital. The accountant may also be asked to advise on the best means of improving the hospital's medical records. The accountant would preferably be familiar with QuickBooks or similar generic accounting systems. He/she would be experienced in accounting for a medium-sized organisation. Length of experience would not be as important as enthusiasm and commitment to the task. The length of term would be between six months and two years, the longer term being preferred.
Initially Posted: 02/23/2010
Last Updated: 02/02/2018

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