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Youth Ministry Internship: GAP Ministries, GAP Ministries, Tucson, Arizona

Organization: GAP Ministries
Contact Name: Nykeah Parham
Position Type: Short-term Missions / Volunteer Internship
Address: 2861 N Flowing Wells Rd #161
Tucson, Arizona  85705  
United States
Great For: Great for Christians
Service Area(s): Social Services, Indirectly Serving People, Education, Counseling / Addiction / Recovery, Colleges and Universities, Christian Camping, Business, Administrative / Office Work
Hourly Commitment:
40.0 per: Week
Number of Positions:
Number of Volunteers in this
Position in the Past Year:
One-time / Ongoing Position: Ongoing Position


City Vision Internships is a Christian one-year, multi-year or summer internship program based on the AmeriCorps model. Interns serve at one of over 40 positions across the USA and Canada. In the past 10 years, we have placed over 500 full-time interns and 68,000+ volunteers in hundreds of Christian ministries. Job Description: RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Implement the daily schedule for the children, engage in activities of the group or with individual children within the group, as their needs require, often implementing these tasks without other support staff. 2. Attend all training sessions, or make arrangements with Manager if excused. 3. Ensure that the area for children is kept in a safe and clean manner. 4. Prepare meals following posted menu and follow sanitary guidelines. 5. Represent GAP/SPLASH to the public in a positive, responsible manner. 6. Agree to flexible hours and rotation of campuses. Flexibility is critical in facilitating appropriate relationship with all staff. 7. Follow agency chain of command in a responsible and supportive manner. 8. Physically interact with the children in an appropriate manner when needed (i.e. separate fighting children, lift child from floor, etc.). 9. Follow outlined policies and procedures for dealing with children and duties. 10. Perform other appropriate tasks as assigned by House Parent Manager, Staff Manager, of Assistant Executive Director. 11. Transport children to appointments when needed if you are a designated driver. Only for interns over 22 years old. ADDITIONAL RESIDENT RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Supervise children with summer activities in our summer camps or recreational facility. 2. Give requests to manager for supplies or needs. 3. Follow all parts of contract for position. QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Be an emotionally mature adult who has warmth and ability to understand, enjoy and be comfortable with active, often aggressive and disorganized children in an intimate, group living or play situation. 2. Have personal attitudes, conduct and standards representing those qualities and values which children need to respect and emulate. 3. Be able to respect and work cooperatively with a variety of persons, including coworkers, representatives of social service agencies, the public, volunteers and parents of the children. 4. If you are over 22, have a current driver’s license in good standing and a vehicle which is safe and may be used to transport children in the event the agency van is unavailable if willing. 5. At least a high school degree or equivalency diploma, and one year experience in working with children; or one year post-high school education in a program leading to a degree in the field of child welfare or human services. 6. Must be 18 years old to fulfill our intern responsibilities. REQUIREMENTS FOR EMPLOYMENT: 1. Fingerprint clearance/criminal history check through the Department of Economic Security. 2. Reference checks of those listed on application. 3. Copy of valid driver’s license in good standing and auto insurance. 4. Submission of recent physical examination as required by appropriate licensing authority. 5. Health Department Certification of no communicable diseases. 6. Completion of staff training courses in: Behavior Management, Conflict Resolution, administration of medications, attend ongoing training sessions during employment. 7. Copies of First Aid and CPR training cards; keep cards current. 8. Perform various physical tasks, including but not limited to the following: A. Restrain, lift or isolate a child between the ages of 5-13 years (may include physical strength to separate two or more fighting children), B. Lift and/or carry a sleeping/sleepy child alone (i.e., eight year old girl needing restroom assistance in middle of night). C. Lift and/or carry alone bags/boxes of groceries, house wares, and furniture. D. Kneel, bend, stoop and lift freely and without risk of injury as needed to keep unit clean, interact with children, etc. E. Cooking meals, cleaning rooms, etc, requiring standing for extensive periods of time. F. Utilize own or company vehicle for transporting children, shopping, etc (mileage reimbursed by agency when using own vehicle). 9. Obtain medical release/permission to fulfill all physical tasks should any health issue develop or emerge. Benefits: For Interns without a Bachelors Degree: One Year Work Study Internship
  • Provides a work study internship with free tuition in City Vision College for a full year paid by hosting ministry.
  • Online courses providing accredited degrees in Nonprofit Management, Addiction Studies, Urban Mission, and Business Administration.
  • Any Pell grant or other federal financial aid paid as cash payment to student (up to $5,645).
  • Expectation is typically 29 hours of volunteer work with 16 hours of class work per week (45 hours total).
  • For Interns with a Bachelors Degree: One Year Paid Internship One Year Paid Internship
  • Volunteer Interns paid a living stipend from $200-$600/month (depending on site).
  • Expectation is typically 40 hours of volunteer work per week.
  • Housing is provided by hosting ministry (or a cash equivalent stipend).
  • Requirements
  • At least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • Must be a Christian
  • U.S. or Canadian citizen, U.S. or Canadian national or lawful permanent resident alien, or have a valid student or work visa
  • Able to make at least a one year (or summer) commitment (may be extended by mutual agreement)
  • Able to financially live on just free housing (and stipend if you opt for the One Year Paid Internship) and any outside income sources you have.
  • Able to relocate to a location of a ministry site (unless a site exists at your current location)
For more information or to apply visit cityvisioninternships.org. For more information about this site visit GAP Ministries.

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Initially Posted: 05/18/2017
Last Updated: 04/15/2018