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Transformation Intercessor, First Love Transformation Ministries, Fort Worth, Texas

Organization: First Love Transformation Ministries
Contact Name: Norma Thornton
Position Type: Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: 707 N Freeway W Ste 112
Fort Worth, Texas  76102  
United States
Great For: Great for Christians, Great for Families
Service Area(s): Teaching, Social Services, Prayer Ministry, Directly Serving People
Hourly Commitment:
8.0 per: Week
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Prophetic/Transformation Intercessor Qualifications: Male/female over 18 yrs. old to train to pray for in inner healing and deliverance ministry full or part time. A flexible schedule is beneficial but not mandatory. Transportation would be best but arrangements can be made if necessary. Students ok on a part time basis. The more time you have available to give the better but can expect about 4 hours per week to start for training. After training the amount of hours donated are up to the individual. Would request 2-4 hour intervals. Must be certain that they are born again and serve Jesus Christ and have a strong personal relationship with Him. Must have a strong prayer life and read God's word on a regular basis. Excellent morals i.e. honest, sincere, dependable and responsible. Have a lot of common sense and excellent discernment. Must desire to learn new things. Must have a strong desire to serve others, including trainer. Must have a passion to help others and to love them unconditionally. Must want to understand the "vision" of the ministry and understand that the instructions come from God not man. Strong determination to complete tasks that are started. Patience with hurting, wounded and difficult people. Have a strong desire to use Spiritual Gifts to see miracles, signs and wonders become evident in the lives of individuals, ministry, local community and other parts of the world. Previous experience as an intercessor is good but not expected. Responsibilities: Attend training classes in order to learn specifics of inner healing/deliverance Attend and participate in weekly prayer service Cover clients, ministers and ministry in prayer on a regular basis Coordinate with Senior Ministers in order to target critical prayer needs
Initially Posted: 04/05/2016
Last Updated: 03/19/2017