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night patrol member, hatchery supervisor, animal keeper in rescue center, help in manglrove reforest, Widecast Costa Rica, Limon Province, Costa Rica

Organization: Widecast Costa Rica
Contact Name: Nicki Wheeler
Position Type: Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: Playa Pacuare,
Limon Province, 496-1100  
Costa Rica
Great For: Great for Groups, Great for Kids, Great for Seniors, Great for Teens
Service Area(s): Environment
Hourly Commitment:
30.0 per: Week
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One-time / Ongoing Position: Ongoing Position


We, Widecast Costa Rica, are looking for volunteers for our projects on the Caribbean coast ( Pacuare) and on the Peninsula de Osa (In-water studies ). Except for our In-water studies project, we work with night patrols searching for nesting sea turltes to collect data (size, physical condition, tag number) as well es their eggs to relocate them or guard them in our hatchery. The project In-water studies catches sea turtles (and releases them unharmed!) to gain information about the entire population (physical condition, behavior and demographic structure). We also a rescue center for marine sea turtles to nurse weak or harmed sea turtles in the Osa In-Water project,. This project also runs a mangrove reforestation program. Requirements: good physical condition being able to work hard (at least 30 hours/week) and live in simple condition being able to speak English or Spanish no severe eyesight problems (most work is at night without artificial lights) travel/medical insurance being in the age of 18 years or older; Volunteers younger than 18 years need a supervisor or a written permission of the parents
Initially Posted: 10/11/2011
Last Updated: 07/17/2017