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Mission in Church Nepal, Mission in Church Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Organization: Mission in Church Nepal
Contact Name: Mission Church
Position Type: Short-term Missions / Volunteer Internship
Address: P.O. Box: 8975 EPC 4030, Dhapasi, Kathmandu
Kathmandu, Nevada  44606  
Great For: Great for Christians, Great for Groups, Great for Kids, Great for Seniors
Service Area(s): Worship/Music/Choir, Women's Ministry, Teaching, Social Services, Health and Medicine, Fundraising, Evangelism/Seeker Ministry, Education, Directly Serving People, Construction, Church Planting, Children and Youth Ministry, Agriculture
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Church Planting church-planting Himalayan Hope Ministries works to Church Planting in Nepal. The thought that ?together we can reach Nepal with the gospel? led us to found the Church in Nepal. We collect donations to help spread the gospel and Himalayan Hope Church Planting work in Nepal. This is a Nepali Ministry that is actively taking part in mission by encouraging Churches and equipping them the greater harvest in Nepal. So we already stables some churches, we have church in Kathmandu, Sindhupalchuk, Chitwan and Makawonpur, We work in partnership with other communities to help spread the gospel, There are currently several churches in Nepal who work in partnership with all potential locations for missions operations. Christianity is still a new religion in Nepal. Until January 15, 2007 Nepal?s constitution stated that the country was a Hindu Kingdom. Under the Interim Constitution proposed thereafter Nepal has now converted its status to a secular state, which is a big step forward towards religious freedom and tolerance, although there is still a lot of persecution towards minority religious groups, such as Christianity. These people face problems of harassment and social discrimination from society at large. You can get involved in our church planning program in Nepal; the goal of this program is to spread the love of Jesus to local communities through evangelism and community support oriented activities. Individual volunteers as well as larger groups can set up volunteer experience programs with these local churches and their missionary outreach programs, using each volunteer?s individual experience and passion to contribute to the ever expanding Christian community in Nepal. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Matthew 28:19-20. Additional Requirement: You will need to submit a resume showing your preparation and purpose for church mission work in Nepal. Please contact us for further details. Himalayan Hope Ministry invites international missions groups, and youth groups to come and make a difference. Groups can get involved in any of the following areas: ? Church Planting ? Leadership Training Development ? House Visitations ? Children?s Ministries ? Women?s Ministries ? Prayer for the Sick ? Literature Evangelism ? Cottage Meetings ? Participating in the ministry of local churches ? Teaching Sunday School to youth groups ? Participating in music fellowship during church services ? Working to improve conditions in the local community through home construction, environmental health education, etc. ? Missions groups and volunteers are also encouraged to consider combining parts of the other HHM programs, such as teaching English and the Orphanage program. More details Contact us: info@missioninchurch.org visit more information our webpage www.missioninchurch.org

Short Term Mission Trip Details

References from people who have done Short Term Missions with this organization before are available upon request. Submit "Send Inquiry or Apply" to receive more information.

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Benefits Offered:

  • AmeriCorps
  • Board/Meals
  • Free Undergrad City Vision Tuition
  • Medical Insurance

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Length of Trip

1 to 2 weeks

Initially Posted: 03/06/2017
Last Updated: 04/05/2017

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