Volunteer Opportunity
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Medical & Ultrasound Professionals, Life Centers, Indianapolis, Indiana

Organization: Life Centers
Contact Name: Tammy Johnson
Position Type: Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: 3901 W 86th Street, Ste 111
Indianapolis, Indiana  46268  
United States
Great For: Great for Christians
Service Area(s): Women's Ministry, Single Parents/Crisis Pregnancy, Health and Medicine, Education, Disabilities Ministry
Hourly Commitment:
4.0 per: Week
Number of Positions:
Number of Volunteers in this
Position in the Past Year:
One-time / Ongoing Position: Ongoing Position


To help reach the thousands of women Life Centers sees each year, we offer free pregnancy tests, education on pregnancy and sexual health issues, and ultrasounds. We always excited to add trained medical and ultrasound professionals to volunteer pool to help raise our standard of care.
Initially Posted: 02/03/2017
Last Updated: 02/23/2017