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Make a Difference with an Internship, ClassWish, New York, New York

Organization: ClassWish
Contact Name: Robert Tolmach
Position Type: Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: 401, 7th Avenue
New York, New York  10001  
United States
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Service Area(s): Women's Ministry, Social Services, Science / Tech / Engineering / Math, Sales/Marketing/Public Relations, Political Advocacy and Justice, Photography and Videography, Management, Indirectly Serving People, Human Resources / Volunteer Management, Homelessness and H
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Are you an outstanding student or professional looking for a leadership position and the chance to use your talents to make a difference? If so, keep reading. THE BEST INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY WE KNOW: We are recruiting remarkable interns and volunteers to collaborate on the boldest nonprofit initiative we know. Use your talents, develop your skills, assume responsibility, learn, build your resume, grow your network, and have a great time while making the world a better place. WE ADDRESS YOUR FAVORITE CAUSE: Every nonprofit (your favorite nonprofit) addressing every cause (your favorite cause) needs vastly more funding to accomplish their important work. You can help them get that essential funding. Here is your chance to make a difference in Disaster Relief, Education, Housing, Human Rights, Hunger, Millennium Goals, Water, Community, Aging, Arts & Culture, Children & Youth, Civil Society, Peace, Public Broadcast, Refugees, Veterans, Women, Environment, Agriculture, Animal Welfare, the Environment, Global Warming, Health and Safety, Blindness & Vision, Cancer, Disabilities, Global Health, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ, Minorities, Landmines, Medical Research, Mental Health, Population, Opportunity, Microcredit, Poverty Alleviation, Social Entrepreneurs, and Technology. Did we miss any? Let us know! HOW OUR PROGRAM WORKS: You may know about amazon smile, a program that lets people earn for their favorite nonprofit 0.5% of what they spend at amazon.com. Here is something much bigger: our new program will let anyone earn for their favorite nonprofit an average of 8% of whatever they spend at any of 700 national stores and restaurants. YOUR SKILLS: We seek interns with skills in advertising, business, celebrities, communications, community-building, database management, e-commerce, education, finance, graphics, human resources, journalism, marketing, nonprofit management, public relations, research, Salesforce, social media, technology, or video. This is a huge undertaking, and we need to build a strong team with diverse skills. MAKING COLLEGE AFFORDABLE AGAIN: Our program will also generate funding for college tuition, textbooks, and student loan payments. ACADEMIC CREDIT: Many schools offer academic credit for internships with nonprofits. If yours does, we would be glad to cooperate to help make that happen. WHERE: Our Manhattan office is conveniently located at 7th Ave and 33 Street. You cannot find a place with better mass transit connections. WHEN: School year and/or summertime. Full-time or Part-time. WHAT PEOPLE SAY: Current and former interns will offer a great review of ClassWish.org. We are glad to introduce you to them. WHAT YOU WILL DO: You will take leadership on projects and apply your skills, creativity, and talents to help grow this new initiative and help generate tremendous new funding for your favorite causes. You will work in small teams with other highly motivated interns, established professionals, and directly with our co-founder. WHAT YOU WILL GET: Our interns and volunteers get the tremendous satisfaction of making the world a better place. You will also: ? use your intelligence, talents, creativity, and skills ? take a leadership role ? assume a tremendous amount of responsibility ? learn by doing ? build your network (we have had interns and volunteers from all around the U.S., as well as from 26 countries) ? enhance your resume with a solid record of professional achievement and community service ? have a great time in a wonderful environment with a friendly group. UNPAID: As an emerging nonprofit, we simply cannot pay or provide a stipend at this time. We wish we could. But we will do all we can to ensure you have a great experience and a stunning recommendation. Also, we need to have interns and volunteers bring their own laptop computers. LEARN MORE: Please see the PowerPoints at www.ClassWish-Intern-Postings.org. APPLY NOW: What are you waiting for? Please send a cover letter and impressive resume (this is highly competitive) to interns@ClassWish.org When you write, please be sure to tell us what you want to focus on and when you want to work with us.
Initially Posted: 12/23/2015
Last Updated: 07/16/2018

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