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Journalism Students: Make a Difference. Intern at ClassWish.org. New York, NY, ClassWish, Manhattan, New York

Organization: ClassWish
Contact Name: Robert Tolmach
Position Type: Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: 401, 7th Avenue, Suite B
Manhattan, New York  10001  
United States
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Service Area(s): Women's Ministry, Sports and Recreation, Social Services, Science / Tech / Engineering / Math, Sales/Marketing/Public Relations, Photography and Videography, Men's Ministry, Management, K-12 Christian/Catholic Schools, Indirectly Serving People, Human Resources / V
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We are recruiting outstanding undergraduate and graduate journalism students as interns for the summer and for the school year to collaborate on the boldest nonprofit initiative we know. We are looking for passionate, energetic students with exceptional skills to take initiative on a national student journalism contest and on a national student video contest. This is an outstanding leadership opportunity in an innovative start-up nonprofit organization. Here is the problem we are tackling: K-12 schools in this country do not have enough resources to let children explore their potential and excel. Books, computers, art supplies, musical instruments, science equipment, sports equipment, and even paper for computers and printers are all in desperately short supply. Our Approach: ClassWish.org, an exciting new nonprofit, uses modern business practices and the latest marketing techniques to help 125,000 schools serving 56 million kids, inform, inspire and engage supporters. Teachers visit the site to create Wish Lists of the resources they need. People in the community can see exactly what is needed and contribute to help. About Us: The people behind ClassWish.org include such prominent education and business leaders as Adam Hirsch, COO, Mashable; Scott Cutler, EVP, New York Stock Exchange; Betsy Morgan, former CEO, Huffington Post; and Nancy Pelz-Paget, Director, Education and Society Program, Aspen Institute. Forbes Magazine liked our approach so much that they donated a full page to help raise awareness. Yo-Yo Ma, Tony Hawk and Dwight Howard are among the celebrities who have offered to help promote ClassWish.org. The work: Teachers and students are already getting supplies from ClassWish.org. To raise greater awareness of the need and encourage more participation so we can help more kids, we are launching a national HS student video contest and a national HS student journalism contest, each called, "It's Not Fair! My School Doesn't Even Have ______!" Interns will work in small teams focused on: - Planning these contests: developing the strategy, writing the rules, selecting judges, designing the websites, enlisting partners, recruiting corporate partners, coordinating with media partners, pitching celebrities - Promoting these contests: press and blogger outreach, planning and launching a social media campaign, establishing partnerships with various organizations, advertising, graphics, etc. You will take a leadership role and work with other highly motivated interns, established professionals, and directly with our co-founder. What do we offer? You will develop your skills, enhance your resume with a solid record of professional achievement and community service, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped children get the tools they need to perform at their best. If you want a great experience doing something you will always be proud of, send a cover letter and a resume to interns@ClassWish.org. Impress us. This is competitive. FAQ Is this a business or a nonprofit? ClassWish is a nonprofit, but we use the latest techniques from the business world to make a leveraged, scalable and financially-self sustaining difference in the lives of tens of millions of children. This sounds ambitious! Daniel Burnham, the great Chicago architect, said "Make no little plans; they have not the power to stir men's souls." (Nor women's, we hasten to add). Little plans also do not have the power to provide a better education to 56 million kids who deserve more than they are getting today. We face a crushing need in schools, have a solid plan to address it, and with your help, we intend to grow this very large and very fast. Where are you located? We are in Manhattan, conveniently located right across from Madison Square Garden. There are four express subway stops within one block. We will also hire interns to work remotely from other cities. What skills and experience are you looking for? We seek a wide range of skills: graphic designers, videographers, writers, researchers, creative thinkers, analytical sorts, community organizers, social media stars, people with great communication skills, MBA students, and more. I looked at your site and have some suggestions. Great! This is a collaborative project, and we want to hear from everyone. Is this a paid internship? We can offer a great experience, a great addition to your resume, academic credit (if your school allows), stunning recommendations, and a chance to make a difference, but we are a start-up nonprofit, so can only offer unpaid internship and volunteer positions. When will you select the interns? We're agile. When we see a great candidate, we extend an invitation immediately. We won't keep you waiting for a decision. What dates will the internship run? We are hiring for the spring semester, for the summer, and beyond. Tell us what you are looking for. What are the hours? We welcome full-time and part-time interns. Let us know what works for you. What will I need to bring? Brains, heart, passion, energy, a notebook computer, and a passion to make an immediate improvement to the education of tens of millions of children. Sounds exciting! How can I apply? Please send an impressive cover letter and a resume to interns@ClassWish.org. Requirements: We are looking for passionate, energetic students with exceptional skills. This is an outstanding leadership opportunity in an innovative start-up nonprofit organization.
Initially Posted: 03/20/2012
Last Updated: 07/16/2018