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Help Children Get A Better Education: Intern on Your Own Campus and Start a Classwish Club, ClassWish, Manhattan, New York

Organization: ClassWish
Contact Name: Robert Tolmach
Position Type: Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: 401, 7th Avenue, Suite B
Manhattan, New York  10001  
United States
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Service Area(s): Teaching, Student/Campus Ministry, Sports and Recreation, Social Services, Sales/Marketing/Public Relations, Management, K-12 Christian/Catholic Schools, Indirectly Serving People, Human Resources / Volunteer Management, Fundraising, Education, Directly Serving Peop
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We seek the most outstanding undergraduate student leaders as unpaid on-campus interns and club founders. Apply to join us and collaborate on the boldest nonprofit initiative we know. Benefits: This internship / founder position offers a unique opportunity to: 1. Help millions of K-12 students get the well-equipped classrooms they need to thrive. 2. Build your already-considerable communications, networking and leadership skills, and enhance your resume with an impressive record of accomplishment. 3. Connect with remarkable students on your campus and across the country. We are tackling a crisis in education: Few schools have enough classroom resources for kids to perform at their best. Books, computers, art supplies, musical instruments, science equipment, sports equipment, and even paper for computers and printers are all in desperately short supply. Our Approach: ClassWish.org, an exciting new nonprofit, uses modern business practices and the latest innovations in marketing and social media to help attract support for 56 million kids. Teachers visit the site to create Wish Lists of the resources they need. People in the community see exactly what is needed and contribute to help. We ship the materials right to the schools at no cost, so kids and teachers get the support they need. The work: Teachers and students are already getting supplies from ClassWish.org. Now, we are building a movement to raise awareness of the dire situation in schools, to let more teachers know that ClassWish can improve their classrooms, and to get more people and businesses to contribute and help. We are building ClassWish-Campus Nation, a national network of ClassWish college clubs to improve the education and lives of millions of students through a wide range of innovative advocacy, marketing, media, social media, celebrity, and fundraising campaigns. Clubs will engage other student organizations to participate in our community service programs and individual students to participate in our online micro-volunteering program. We are looking for students for unpaid on-campus internships, the prime activity of which will be starting a ClassWish club at their college. What we offer: As a ClassWish intern and club founder, you will enhance your resume with a solid record of achievement and community service, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped countless students get the tools they need to perform at their best. Requirements: Competitive: You must be passionate, dedicated, energetic, responsible, creative and a charismatic leader. You must have a record of taking initiative to make things happen. This is an outstanding high-impact, high-visibility opportunity in an innovative and entrepreneurial nonprofit organization, and selection is highly competitive. If you are an outstanding student leader and want a great experience doing something you will always be proud of, please see http://ClassWish-Campus.org.
Initially Posted: 11/03/2011
Last Updated: 07/16/2018