Volunteer Opportunity
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Fundraising Events Team, Clubs In The City Youth Development, Raleigh, North Carolina

Organization: Clubs In The City Youth Development
Contact Name: Sheri Bedsole
Position Type: Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: 554 E. Hargett St
Raleigh, North Carolina  27601  
United States
Great For: Great for Christians, Great for Families, Great for Groups, Great for Seniors
Service Area(s): Sales/Marketing/Public Relations, Photography and Videography, Hospitality/Greeting/Guest Services, Graphics / Web Design, Fundraising, Event Planning, Directly Serving People, Children and Youth Ministry
Hourly Commitment:
0.0 per: Day
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Position in the Past Year:
One-time / Ongoing Position: Ongoing Position


Contribute skills and heart to serve while you enjoy working with a dynamic team!. A team with skills in event planning, organization, hospitality, networking, decorative design, sound, lighting, video, and graphic design, public relations are needed on this team to make Clubs In The City events a success.
Initially Posted: 10/19/2017
Last Updated: 10/20/2017

(this opportunity is not scheduled for a specific date)