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Facilities Volunteer, Pregnancy Resource Center, Vista, California

Organization: Pregnancy Resource Center
Contact Name: Alyssa Smith
Position Type: Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: 1830 Hacienda Drive, Suite 8
Vista, California  92081  
United States
Great For: Great for Christians, Great for Families, Great for Groups, Great for Seniors, Great for Teens
Service Area(s): Single Parents/Crisis Pregnancy
Hourly Commitment:
2.0 per: Week
Number of Positions:
Number of Volunteers in this
Position in the Past Year:
One-time / Ongoing Position: Ongoing Position

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We are looking for a Christian who is ProLIFE and wants to help clean the Pregnancy Resource Center. The PRC, on average saves a baby from abortion or leads someone to accept Christ everyday their doors are open. Come be apart of this LIFE saving Team!
Initially Posted: 02/11/2014
Last Updated: 07/25/2016