Volunteer Opportunity
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Choice Pantry Shopper, CAIN (Churches Active in Northside), Cincinnati, Ohio

Organization: CAIN (Churches Active in Northside)
Contact Name: Judy Radina
Position Type: Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: 4320 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio  45223  
United States
Great For:
Service Area(s): Social Services, Hospitality/Greeting/Guest Services, Directly Serving People, Adult Ministry
Hourly Commitment:
3.0 per: Week
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Number of Volunteers in this
Position in the Past Year:
One-time / Ongoing Position: Ongoing Position


Volunteer shoppers assist guests as they shop at the CAIN Choice Pantry, offering healthy, high-quality and safe food options for food insecure families in the Northside area. Volunteers offer guests friendship and support to help build community. Pantry hours are Monday 6-8pm, Tuesday 10am-1pm, Thursday 10am-1pm.
Initially Posted: 03/07/2016
Last Updated: 05/14/2018