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Audiobook "Proofreader", Indiana Voices - Indiana State Library, Indianapolis, Indiana

Organization: Indiana Voices - Indiana State Library
Contact Name: Linden Coffman
Position Type: Virtual Volunteering (from home)
Address: 140 N. Senate Ave.
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204  
United States
Great For: Great for Seniors
Service Area(s): Writing / Editing, Worship/Music/Choir, Sound, Lights, Video Ministry, Social Services, Disabilities Ministry, Directly Serving People, Arts and Humanities
Hourly Commitment:
4.5 per: Month
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Position in the Past Year:
One-time / Ongoing Position: Ongoing Position


The Indiana Voices program records audio versions of Indiana-related books and magazines and makes the recordings available to the blind and visually impaired through the Talking Books and Braille Library. Indiana Voices is seeking volunteers to "proofread" new audiobooks by listening to the work in its entirety, comparing the recording to the printed work, and marking discrepancies, mispronunciations, and other errors. Volunteers must be detail-oriented and have a good "ear" for proofreading. This position allows volunteers to work at the Indiana State Library or from home. For in-library proofreaders, shifts are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. At home volunteers can set their own hours, although completed projects must be returned in a timely manner.
Initially Posted: 06/30/2016
Last Updated: 04/25/2017