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Volunteer Opportunities


1.  Volunteer Team      The Oaks Camp and Conference Center
Looking for an opportunity to really make a difference? How about recruiting your own team and take on the fundraising and construction of a special project for The Oaks! Your service could mean new and improved buildings, gr... more >
Service Areas: Agriculture, Cleaning / Facilities, Construction, Directly Serving People, Event Planning, Fundraising, Indirectly Serving People, Skilled Trades
Benefits Offered: Room & Board  Duration: Less than a week 
Location: Off-Site: Lake Hughes, California   Date Last Updated: 08/02/2016

2.  internship      TRIPPINZ CARE MISSION
we are dedicated and committed to giving back to the community when we hire a volunteer, you will have to follow the procedure through at least attend one internship ,... more >
Service Areas: Directly Serving People, Disaster Relief, Global Relief, Human Resources / Volunteer Management, International Missions, Social Services
Benefits Offered: Board/Meals  Duration: 1 to 2 weeks 
Location: Virtual Volunteering (from home)   Date Last Updated: 03/27/2015