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Youth Enrichment Intern: Generation One in Houston, TX, Generation One, Houston, Texas

Organization: Generation One
Contact Name: Katie Howell
Position Type: Short-term Missions / Volunteer Internship
Address: 1910 Napoleon St.
Houston, Texas  77003  
United States
Great For: Great for Christians
Service Area(s): Children and Youth Ministry
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0.0 per: Day
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Mission/Primary Function: The Generation One Youth Enrichment Intern?s objective is to assist the Director of Youth Enrichment in building and maintaining enrichment programs that enhance the youth at Generation One?s lives in a way that glorifies the Lord. The Youth Enrichment Intern follows through with the pre-established Step It Up Afterschool Program and Living In Victory Eternally (L.I.V.E.) Summer Program which seek to address each of the youth?s educational deficits, give youth the opportunity to participate in the arts, promote spiritual transformation, and provide social and emotional learning. The Youth Enrichment Intern is responsible for aiding the Director of Youth Enrichment in coordinating with enrichment activity contacts such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, dance instructors, sports groups, etc. The Youth Enrichment Intern is also responsible for assisting in volunteer recruiting for the Step It Up Afterschool Program, L.I.V.E. Summer Program, as well as the Generation One Academy. Overall, the Youth Enrichment Intern helps to ensure that the youth at Generation One are provided with enrichment beyond what goes on in the classroom and are kept out of the mundane and destructive streets of Third Ward once the classroom has been dismissed. Work Hours: (Subject to change) During the school year: Mon. ? Thur. 12:00pm ? 6:30 pm. Fri. 10:30 am ? 4:30 pm During the summer: Schedule will adjust based on the summer schedule Desired Qualities: Loves working with kids and loves Jesus Gifted in sports and/or music Must be old enough to drive the 15-passenger vans (22 yr old) Strong in discipline and has experience working with youth Self-Starter Comfortable praying with others Great communicator Dedicated and Hardworking Job Description ? Teach, utilizing a course of study adopted by the Generation One Academy Board ? Assist in the development of enrichment activities and instructional materials and provide a variety of instructional strategies and learning experiences designed to address the array of student needs ? Establish and maintain standards of behavior that promote mutual respect and minimize student disruptions to the learning process ? Continually evaluate students? physical, spiritual and social-emotional growth, keep appropriate records, and prepare progress reports ? Communicate with parents through phone calls, in person, and other means to discuss students? progress, interpret the school program, and encourage parent involvement ? Identify student needs and collaborate with other staff members and volunteers to assess and help students achieve health, attitude, and learning goals ? Maintain professional competence through in-service education activities and other staff development activities ? Participate collaboratively with the Director of Youth Enrichment and the Director of Youth Enrichment Assistant in the ongoing evaluation of the afterschool and summer curriculum and of the teacher?s own instruction to promote ongoing improvement and excellence ? Participate in curriculum development programs, as required ? Assist in recruiting and coordinating all afterschool, summer, and academy volunteers ? Participate in driving students home from activities ? Stay engaged constantly with the youth and with the task at hand ? Perform other duties as requested by the Early Childhood Director and the Director of Youth Enrichment to promote student learning and maximize achievement Expected from All Generation One Employee?s ? Work with a smile ? Operate within our Core Values ? Keep communication lines open ? Promptly respond to all voicemails, text messages, emails and any other form of communication. ? Be pro-active in addressing all good, bad and un-defined issues in your area of work covering work done individually and with other people. This means giving adequate notice to your supervisor so that problems can be minimized.

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  • Free Undergrad City Vision Tuition
  • Housing or Rental Stipend

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One Year

Initially Posted: 07/07/2015
Last Updated: 07/08/2015

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