About the Christian Social Graph API

What is the Christian Social Graph API?

  • Our API provides data to use in your website including 10k+ volunteer opportunities, 100k+ ministries and 15k+ Christian jobs. You select the data you want.
  • Data comes as an RSS Feed (XML, JSON and CSV/Excel formats also supported)
  • Requires that your organization apply for a "key" and agree to terms of use
    • Intended for live access through programming on websites and applications
    • No use in mailing lists and no reselling data

Who is the API for?

  • Web developers for megachurches that want to create customized volunteer and job sections of their websites
  • Ministries interested in creating citywide or national volunteer and job directories
  • Christian colleges wanting to integrate data into their job boards
  • Ministries interested in providing regionally focused websites and apps with localized data (Christian Radio, TV)
  • Church and volunteer management systems
  • The following is a list of our syndication partners

What are the steps to Use the API?

  1. Create organizational account and post organization profile
  2. Apply for an API Key
  3. Search for the data you want on ChristianVolunteering.org
  4. Use API Page to translate your search into an API request.
  5. Import data into your website using the API request URL